*Due to supply chain shortages, we are currently not accepting new orders*

Hello All,

We are currently establishing ourselves in the new workshop, and things are coming together nicely! I had hoped to be back in production by this time, but an unfortunate material shortage has derailed that plan. Both of the facilities which produce polyurethane (from which my cold-casting resins are made) for the US market have experienced extreme production disruptions, and as a consequence there is an acute shortage on resins.

I will notify customers as soon as material is available again! In the meantime, I will use this downtime for further R&D work. (See logbook entry below for more exciting details!)

Thank you for your understanding!



Coming Soon...

The Tampier

Quadrant, MK1!


Our Flight Simulator Peripherals & Hardware Will Transport You into the Sky... And Back in Time!


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Welcome to VR Simpits!

Our mission is simple: to provide hardware and accessories that take your immersion in flight simulation to an entirely new level! 


Our products are designed to mimic the look, feel, and function of their original real-world counterparts as closely as possible, while still providing all of the functionality a virtual pilot might need while "under the hood" in VR.


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Good Hunting!