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Welcome! I'm Will (alias vonrickenbecker in the flight simulator community), founder of I'm a lifelong aviation fanatic (especially First World-War aviation), avid flight-simmer, and private pilot.  As a mechanical engineer by training and tinkerer/maker in my free time, is my labor of love. 

My mission in founding VRSimpits is twofold: First, I aim to fill a void in the flight simulator hardware market - namely peripherals and accessories focused on WW1 aviation. Secondly, I want to provide simmers with the ability to achieve a higher level of immersion than has ever been possible in a home simulator before. I believe that the full lineup of VRSimpits products, once complete, will allow for the most realistic WW1 flying experience possible outside of a real aircraft. 


For more information on my planned products and strategy for maximum immersion, I invite you to visit my logbook, where I go into much greater detail on my plans for the future of this effort. 

Wishing you blue skies and good hunting!

-Will (vonrickenbecker) Becker

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