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  • How do I know if a product is in stock?
    Each product on our site will have an availability indicator, which will either state "Available to Order", "Unavailable", or "Coming Soon".
  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?
    Because all of our prodcuts are hand-made to order (some in small batches, many individually to customer specification), we ask that you allow 3-4 weeks for your order to be completed and shipped. We appreciate your understanding! Shipping times can vary based on your location - orders in the continental US typically arrive in 2-7 days, while orders to the UK and Europe vary between 7 and 20 days.
  • Do you ship to (insert country)
    The short answer is probably yes! We ship using the US Postal Service. If you want to check if service to your country is available, visit
  • How does the SopGrip interface with my computer? Does it plug into my joystick base?
    The SopGrip has its own dedicated USB connection to the computer. The connection between the SopGrip and your joystick base is purely mechanical, meaning that where you had only one device listed in your game controllers in Windows previoulsy, you will now have two separate devices - the base, and the SopGrip. We thought very carefully about how to optimize the SopGrip's compatability with commonly used joysticks already on the market, and decided that a separate USB interface would be the cleanest solution. Making individual wiring harness adapters for every stick out there would have been prohibitively expensive and time consuming, and because the SopGrip has fewer buttons than most modern joystick grips, we wouldn't have been taking advantage of the base's electronics anyway.
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Have a question not listed here about our joystick grips or other simulator hardware? Contact Us and we'll do our best to answer your inquiry!

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