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Our Rotherham Pump replica is a non-functional look-alike of the wind-driven pumps used to pressurize the fuel systems of many WW1 aircraft. While it does not actually provide any pressurization, it certainly looks the part, with accurate dimensions and a free-spinning propeller! We also plan to offer mounting brackets in the future.



  • "Castings" (Pump Body, Cylinder Heads) are made from laser-sintered PA12 Nylon, the same material used in many firearm frames and even automotive parts such as intake manifolds. It's tough stuff!
  • Cylinders are made from real brass and aluminum tube stock.
  • Oil reminder placards are cast brass with raised text
  • Propeller shaft is stainless steel, and rides on a sealed ball bearing at one end, and an Olite (bronze) bearing at the other
  • The propellers are hand carved from solid hardwood. They are finished off with a coat of spar polyurethane for weather and UV resistance. All propellers are carefully balanced on a magnetic balancer to minimize vibration
  • Propellers are secured to shaft with a pinned castle-nut for retention and safety
  • 3D printed parts are finished off in appropriately colored paint to mimic cast aluminum and brass, and a UV-resistant clear coat is applied for longevity of the finish
  • Weight of each unit is approximately 1.0lb (455g)


*Please note that while many customers have successfully mounted our Rotherham Pumps to their aircraft, we cannot explicitly endorse this, and as builder/owner of your experimental aircraft you accept all liability arising from the use of our products on your project.

Rotherham Pump Replica (Non-Functional)

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