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SopGrip MK1

Replica Sopwith Joystick Grip

  • Replica of the control grip used in many Sopwith aircraft, including the Camel, Pup, & others

  • Developed using 1917 Sopwith blueprints

  • Durable resin construction

  • Unique cold-casting technique gives REAL aluminum and steel finish to resin components!

  • Sturdy 6063 Aluminum control column

  • Available buttons include two trigger-paddles, one "Blip" switch, and a discretely located 4-Way Hat switch with center pushbutton

  • Adapters allow grip to be mounted to many common joystick bases

  • Available in a variety of lengths to accommodate many cockpit setups

  • Weight (MK1b-36cm length): Approx. 14oz (400g)

MSRP: $140.00 USD

+Shipping and VAT if applicable to your country of residence

Availability: Temporarily Unavailable

Current Lead Time: N/A

Every SopGrip MK1 is hand-made to order, so we ask that you allow several weeks for your order to be completed. Estimated lead time is shown above, and may change depending on the current number of orders and other ongoing projects. Thank you for your understanding!

Due to the holidays and to my workload finalizing the new Tampier Quadrant for production, I am not currently accepting new orders for the SopGrip MK1. I plan to begin accepting new orders shortly after the new year.


Widely Compatible With Today's Most Popular Joysticks:

The SopGrip MK1 uses an internal microcontroller and independent USB connection. With the inlcuded mechanical adapters, this allows the SopGrip to be plug-and-play compatible with many common joystick bases, including:

  • Thrustmaster Warthog*

  • Virpil Controls Bases

  • VKB Gunfighter Series

  • Microsoft Force Feedback 2**

  • Have a joystick not yet supported, but want a SopGrip? Contact us to inquire about custom adapters! 

*Note: For a TM Warthog base to be properly recognized by Windows as a game controller, it must have a TM grip attached the first time it is plugged into your computer. Once it has been recognized and the proper drivers installed, you may remove the TM grip and replace with your new SopGrip.

**(Some minor dissassembly required, non-permanent and can be reversed later if desired). Z-Axis (twist axis) of MSFFB2 will not function while SopGrip is installed.

Available in a Range of Lengths to Suit Any Simulator Cockpit:

(Custom lengths available on request. Please note that minimum possible length is 31cm due to internal space required for electronics, maximum length is 46cm due to shipping box restrictions)

Info Sheet.jpg

Please note that the nominal length of the SopGrip is measured from bottom of joystick adapter to hand-grip location. Actual overall length will be slightly longer than nominal.

It Doesn't Just Look Like Metal... It IS Metal!

Our unique cold-casting production process allows us to make affordable resin components with a surface layer of actual metal, giving an extremely durable and realistic finish. Unlike paint, our cold-cast metal finish will not easily scratch or rub off, and it will actually tarnish slightly - just as the real thing would!

Note: Casting is a bit of an inexact process, and as such final parts may have small surface defects/blemishes; the real item would have had these too!


You read correctly - the SopGrip is compatible with the Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2!

See video below for details on necessary modification

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