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The SopGrip MK1



Our flagship product, the SopGrip MK1 is a replica of the control stick handle used on numerous Sopwith aircraft in the first world war, including the fabled Pup, Camel, & others. Our grip is compatible with many widely used bases, including those from Thrustmaster, Virpil Controls, VKB Sim, and others!

Temporarily Unavailable
In-Stock Early 2021

Sopwith Rudder Bar



Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Tampier Quadrant (Throttle)



Releasing Soon!

Own the most realistic throttle quadrant available for WW1 simulationThe VRSimpits Tampier Quadrant is a faithful facsimile of the throttle/fuel control units used in a wide variety of  First World War aircraft flying for the Entente forces.

Coming Soon!

VRSimpits Hub Unit



Coming Soon!

Our Hub Unit is the "brain" which allows many of our products to interface with your PC. Both our Tampier Quadrant and Rudder Bar require a Hub Unit to communicate with your simulation. 

Coming Soon!

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